Amongst the wood species we offer, we have Douglas (BC Fir) beams that conform to the highest industry standards. This wood, the product of our resource-rich North American forests is imported from the top Canadian and American forests, renowned for their superior quality.

Completely natural, our materials contain no additives. Upon their arrival in our plant each piece of wood is subjected to our quality standards before being processed. Their durability is tested: our beams can stand up to more than 25 years of underground or underwater installation.

We also offer Hemlock, either rough or dressed . This high quality specie is especially resistant to rot and comes in a variety of dimensions and lengths that we keep in stock.

And finally, kiln-dried Western spruce 2MLR (grade 1 and 2), can be ordered in small quantities in the following sizes: 2" X 6-8-10 or 12" and in lengths of up to 24 feet.

Our reman plan does cutting and planing each piece to your specifications. With our expertise, we can add personnal touch to the process to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Because each construction project is unique and in order to satisfy your most demanding requirement, we have equipment which allows us to cut each beam to your specifications. With us, there is no standard format. Our product and equipment enable us to offer beams up to 40' long to meet your requirements.



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