What Is The Average Settlement For Broken Leg In Phoenix

What Is The Average Settlement For Broken Leg In Phoenix

Broken bones are a common injury that can happen to anyone. Many people can break a bone by falling or after being hit by a car. If you have suffered a bone fracture like a broken leg, you should receive immediate medical treatment. So, you can get the bone properly established.

At our firm, we represent the victim's broken leg on the job or someone hit by a car. If you've broken a leg, you could miss a week or more at work, costing you time and money.

Speak with a Phoenix Broken Bones Settlement Attorney to discuss your case because treatment and aftercare for a broken leg are very expensive. You will need a proper settlement to compensate for the loss and suffering.

Let's see, what is the average settlement for a broken leg in Phoenix.

Types of Fractures or Broken Legs
Any bone in the leg can be fractured due to trauma. The most common fractures are:

Hairline fractures: Also called stress fractures, these are small cracks in the bone, often caused by stress. A hairline fracture may not seem like a serious injury, but it can lead to more problems if it is not addressed immediately.

Complete fracture: The bone is cleanly broken to be two separate pieces.

Compound fracture with this break: The bone will push through the skin resulting in an open wound.

Comminuted fracture: The bone breaks into 3 or more pieces, some of which can be very small.

Oblique fracture: The fracture line in the bone is at an angle.

Transverse fracture: The fracture line in the bone is horizontal, which means that it was directly broken through.

You may not know if you have a broken leg, but you may feel pain in the leg. Also, you may experience swelling or bruising. You should go to the doctor who can perform imaging tests to determine if there has been an outage.

Before a bone can heal, it must be put in place. This can be difficult, depending on the location of the pause. The victim is also unable to put pressure on the affected limb. So a broken foot or leg could render someone immobile for a long period of time.

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Complications of Bone Fracture
A broken leg may not seem like a serious injury at the workplace. Many people have broken legs while on vacation or at school and recover quickly. However, many fractures carry serious complications:

Risk of infection: A compound fracture that is not cleaned properly could become infected. If you need a pin or plate inserted into the body, you could get an infection during surgery.

Nerve damage: if the bone is not delivered properly and presses on a nerve.

Broken arteries: Bone can cut through soft tissue, including blood vessels and arteries, causing dangerous bleeding and tissue damage.

Pneumonia: If you suffered a broken rib, it might be difficult to breathe out properly. Many people can get pneumonia as a result.

To give yourself the best chance of recovery, seek immediate medical attention. Remember to notify your employer that you were injured on the job as soon as possible.

What Is The Average Settlement For Broken Leg In Phoenix
Usually, a typical leg injury settlement is worth $60,000 to $110,000, depending on the severity of the fracture. But this amount can be way higher in some cases.

The broken leg can be described in various ways. Some of them are mentioned above. Depending on the seriousness and the consequences, the settlement money varies. The compensation can also depend on-

As we said before, the type of fracture is a simple hairline fracture worth less than a Comminuted fracture. Because it has more severe results, also, the time and cost will be higher in complex fractures.

The seriousness of fracture: the compensation will depend on how complex and serious the injury is.

The consequences of the fracture: this is another critical point on which the compensation amount will depend. In the case simple broken leg, there is a chance of getting the function back.

But in some cases, where the leg lost its function permanently, it results in financial, physical, and social damages. In such cases, the victim can get compensation up to 2 million or more.

Broken legs and joint injuries can have a serious impact on your life for weeks, months, and even years. You may be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain, and suffering, as well as long-term care needs.

If you have suffered a broken leg or other serious accident, you should immediately consult with a Law Firm. A personal injury trial attorney will help you to seek compensation from the responsible party.